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 • 27: Jumboree Maitlands
 • 10: Kareedouw
 • 30: Social
 • 21: International Beach Clean-Up
 • 12: Amazing Race
 • 26: The Club's 20th Anniversary Dinner
 • 02: Manne Run
 • 01: Christmas Run, Geelkrans


Attention Members: Any members wishing to update their records, should any details have changed since joining, please download the Member Register and either email or fax back the completed form.
Wanted: Your photographs, videos & trip reports
Email us: info [at] fwdcsape [dot] co [dot] za

Zunga Hiking article from the Weekend Post

Flashback - Where did the Cholesterol Run originate?

Have you ever wondered where the Cholesterol Run originated, who started it and what was the whole motivation behind it? The answer is Winston Croney, the oldest (or is that longest running?) member in our Club.

Click here to view the very first invite to a Cholesterol Run!! (You could say that this was the Birth of the Cholesterol Run!)

4 Wheel Drive Help Appreciated

Dear Mike,

On behalf of the 4 of us who did the Zunga trip this past Easter weekend I would like to convey our sincere appreciation for the invaluable help that you and your club provided. The fact that you were able to drive us right in to the river probably saved a day of hard hiking and made our whole expedition possible and successful. We were all most impressed with your handling of your vehicles on very rough terrain and equally with your friendly assistance and ethical behaviour in the wilderness.

Our trip was part of a larger attempt to protect the greater Zwartkops River system and will in due course lead to articles in the Herald by Guy Rogers and to input into the Zwartkops Trust by Arthur Rump and Dr Paul Martin. The section of the river that we explored this weekend turned out to be an absolutely pristine river valley with towering cliffs, forests with huge yellowwoods, pools with indigenous fish, indigenous birds and antelope. The water quality in the river is outstanding - which says something about the pollution in the Zwartkops River to the East in the metro.

The generous assistance which you, Marius and Thomas gave us was an essential part of us achieving our overall objective.

Many thanks,

Look what you missed!

Mr. Chairman.......... herewith my sincere thanks for one of the best days I’ve had in ages! Thanks to Ann, Marius, Margaret, Wilmarie, Zelma, Henk, Rhode, Duncan, Hayley, Oom Hans, Tannie Betsie and everybody else who volunteered and helped behind the scenes to make this day really great! The work and planning that went into this event must have been massive and I would like to let you know that it’s both noticed and hugely appreciated!

When I saw the Gale Force Winds forecast earlier in the week I had my doubts, but the weather on the day actually turned out quite pleasant. Pierre and I came prepared with a Turbo Golf, GPS, Street Maps, 2 Blackberries, Google and even a phonebook, water, Coke for energy, Chips and towels.....(I forgot to tell Pierre that we might be getting wet, and Daleen brought his Cozzie just minutes before the race...) I’m driving, Pierre will navigate. We are Team number 13 and the last to depart.

09H36....... Ready......... Steady.........Team 13............GO!! We grab our clue from Johan Classen and run to the car. Something about “.....narrow gauge railway, street named after a certain Mustard, a Park with a hoop....” The penny dropped: Dijon Road, the Park next to my house has a basketball hoop. Got there in record time.... erm, I mean...... drove 60km/h the whole way and obeyed all the traffic rules. Use a Pitching Wedge and try to chip 3 golf balls into a tiny circle 2km away to get our second clue! No Problem!! ............................................3 hours later, we set off having earned our 2nd clue. Go, Go, Go!!!!

“..........a Spanish Galleon (The Reijger, Teijger or Titanic?) sank in 16-something, a “CAVE”-man somewhere on the trail.............” Must be the Sacramento Trail at Schoenmakerskop! Pierre gets onto Google so we can find out more about the trail just in case....... We were going so fast that the Blackberry battled with reception........ erm... I mean the Blackberry had difficulty with reception, probably a network thing........! Got to Sacramento Trail and saw other teams there. Sprinted to the Canon, tried to read the plaque and BREATHE at the same time! “.....blah, blah, blah, Spanish Galleon sunk, blah, blah, survivors walked 1300 miles to Delagoa Bay, blah, blah, blah.....” Let’s just run down the trail like the guys before us and look for the “CAVE-man”?? Thank goodness the team before us came up a side-path so we knew where to go. (Poor old Blacky Swart missed the side path and actually went all the way down the whole trail!) Found Henk, the CAVE-man.......... or is it Harry die Strandloper?.......: “What year did the Galleon sink?” ..... HUH? WHAT? OH SH!T!!!!!!! DONT FORGET TO BREATHE!!!!! And then Pierre, cool as a cucumber says: “1647!”............Henk gives him the next clue! So I try to kiss Pierre and run back to the car and breathe all at the same time........ Not as easy as it sounds!!! Wow, 3 down, 3 to go!! Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“......a new Shopping Mall on Moffet, a restaurant serving breakfast the whole day ......Count the steps of the stairway next to this restaurant........” We rush to Moffet-on-Main. “No Running!” shouts the Security Guard! Must be the Wimpy. 30 Steps to the second level. Now “.............find a “Hangar” with old war stuff and volunteers who keep it maintained, etc, etc.” (Deon! Remember to breathe!!) Thankfully Braddon and Christie (minus her lipstick) mentioned something about Air Force Museum Hangar in passing (we were looking for clothing ‘hangars’ or Moth Club guys or whatever made sense) Pierre stops the traffic while I make an illegal u-turn.......erm........ I mean, I carefully navigate the traffic while obeying all road signs...... Arrive at the Air Force Museum Hangar in Southdene a couple of minutes later..... Oom Hans wants to know how many stairs next to Wimpy and about a guy who lived through the World War and died in PE? (He might as well have asked us to name all who died on the Titanic) “Answer the question or pay a R50 bribe!!!!” This being the new South Africa, we pay the bribe (Which is actually a donation to the Air Force Museum!) and get clue number 4. (Oom Hans refused to confirm which World War I or II airplanes he flew in!!) Go, Go, Go!! (with a number of choice words from Oom Hans!)

“..........black and white birds being cleaned.............” Penguins? Must be SAMREC (SA Marine Rehabilitation & Education Centre) We rush there and manage to overtake Braddon and Christie by taking a risky shortcut. THIS RACE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Arrive at SAMREC, Cape Receife. The nice lady turns ugly by ordering us to “Clean a Penguin Pool!!!!!!!!” (or was that “...scrub a penguin.....”) Are you crazy? Do you know how those pools stink and that the penguins can bite? What will it cost to bribe our way out of this one? R70.00? Bargain!! Grab the clue, rush back to the car just as Braddon and Christie arrives. Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 137m long structure built to save a beach? Shark Rock Pier? The other Pierre concurs. We set off for Shark Rock Pier with Braddon and Christie (minus her lipstick) hot on our heels. (Not that we could see them as my side mirrors miraculously folded themselves in and my rear wiper blade was standing upright like a........ like a......... erm....... warthog’s tail?) Pierre reckons he can run to the end of the Pier, get the clue and return before I even stop the car. We anticipate the possible questions by counting the pillars as we approach, strategizing on how we will do this one. Pierre sets off while I look for parking. He starts phoning me halfway down the Pier: “.....can’t see the Clue Box.........” What now? The Clue is supposed to be at the end of the Pier? “Can’t find it......” The next part of the clue said something about going to Kings Beach..... After searching some more, we decide to set off for Kings Beach and take a time penalty by calling Ann for a clue...... Luckily we didn’t, because there we find Duncan and Hayley on the beach with the next challenge...... I dont know how we did it, but we were back on track and sprinting for the car after throwing 3 hoops over 3 pegs in record time...... Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!

Next Clue! “.........proceed to the body of water in town next to the Stadium.......” North End Lake!! “Choose your team member who isn’t “top-heavy” and able to row!” (Boat Club?) Pierre is MUCH LESS “top-heavy” than I so he is on point on this one! He has to row round a float in the lake. Not so easy if the canoe is tiny and keeps capsizing!! “Go Pierre!! Don’t swallow too much water. You don’t know what bacteria could be in there!!!!” (Having said that, the mommy-fish in the Lake probably warned their babies that Pierre was in the Lake and that they had to keep their mouths closed for the same reason?)

High 5’s all round when Pierre finishes. We grab the last clue and it instructs us to get back to Outdoor Warehouse to stop the clock!!!! With Pierre drying most of North End Lake off him, I drive the back roads to get us back to the Start when..........DISASTER STRIKES!! Where’s our 6th clue????? We have to return with all 6 clues or we cannot be checked back in!!!!! After a number of illegal u-turns trying to get back to the Lake and frantic phone-calls to Daleen (still at the Lake), we find the Clue in the bundle of towels and clothes at Pierre’s feet. My NERVES!!!!!!! Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, you try rushing back to Outdoor Warehouse from North End Lake through Saturday peak traffic. Not an easy task, but we make it and find out that we beat Maurice by 15 Seconds to take 1st PLACE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st prize – A Thermo-electric Coolerbox worth R2000! (Won by Pierre and yours truly!!)
2nd prize – A Garmin Nuovi 40 GPS worth R1300.00! (Won by Maurice and Yvette!!)
3rd prize – A portable compressor (on steroids) worth R1200.00! (Won by Braddon and Christi!!)

There were also consolation prizes for everybody else, so everyone left happy! All participants were entitled to Hotdogs and Colddrinks. (Ann really thought of EVERYTHING!!)

Mr. Chairman, Outdoor Warehouse needs to be thanked profusely once again for sponsoring all the Prizes on the day? By my reckoning the prizes alone cost close to R6000.00!! I am also very happy about the partnership that the Club has now established with Outdoor Warehouse and look forward to many more such events.

Mr. Chairman, I also hope that the Amazing Race (and the bribes we had to pay) had benefitted the coffers of the 2 Charities (SA Airforce Museum and SAMREC) in a significant way. I’m sure I speak for all the participants when I say that we gave gladly! (I wasn’t going to scrub no penguin pool!!)

Mr. Chairman, there was just one thing on the day that really upset and concerned me! It was the fact that only 13 Teams entered. Out of those, it was only myself, Pierre, Swannie and Braddon who entered as members from the Club. The rest were all ‘outside’ participants. I know that a number of members and committee members helped at some of the points, but we are a Club of 30 PLUS MEMBERS and I think it is shameful that our members didn’t support this huge event in huge numbers.

Please feel free to forward this letter to all members to let them know what HUGE fun they missed out on. I hope that you and especially Ann, plan another Amazing Race for 2013 and if so, I would like to be the first to book right now!

Deon Strydom

ps. I’ve used a whole tube of Deep-Heat for my aching muscles! Next time I will have to do more stretching exercises before the race starts and Pierre and I will have to pack some Oxygen!!!!!!

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