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Conservation & Community Projects

  • Yearly International Coastal Clean-up Campaign

As we all know, it created huge excitement amongst all when Hans launched the idea of putting green back in the bush, so I am currently very glad to announce that we have already planted three yellow wood trees within the last two months in the following places.

Ben Schoeman
S 33º 46.227 / E 024º 35.695

S 33° 31.834 / E 023° 53.488

Yellow wood
Hadley – Groot Rivier poort
11H00 PM
Braddon Mc Clealand
S 33º 33.874 / E 024º 37.383

Yellow wood
10:35 AM
Winston Croney
S 33º 46.227 / E 024º 35.695

Yellow wood
11:02 AM
Hans Bester
S 32º 46.792 / E 025º 45.121

We found that the farmers and trail owners are very pleased in our effort of planting these trees on their properties and in more than one occasion, shared in the excitement of doing so. Once again, well done Hans Bester.

Our prime objective is to preserve our heritage for the enjoyment of future generations. Our descendants must rather commend and not condemn us.

Unity is strength!

As a member of the leisure 4x4 fraternity, you will find yourself in future with less freedom and more restrictions. This is largely due to those "Bundu Bashers" with little consideration for the environment or the good-natured image of 4x4'ers. That's why some groups, together with government, are lobbying to effectively ban 4x4 leisure activities. Now is the time to join the FWDCSA to ensure the continuation of our way of life, working towards conservation and legislation, rather than against it.

Our Children Must Commend Us; Not Condemn Us

It is for some time now that the committee has felt it to be of cardinal importance that something must be done to illustrate the love that the club members have for the outdoors and their desire for the conservation thereof for their children. This commitment must be borne out by their actions. Something durable and of value should be put back into nature. Something that our children and children’s children can experience and associate with our generation. These considerations led to the decision that a tree be planted on every run as a sign of the club’s commitment. It must be an indigenous tree that following generations can enjoy and say:

“Thanks old toppy, you left the world in a better state than you found it”.

The committee was most fortunate in having John Swanepoel in their midst. Without hesitation he offered to obtain yellowwood trees at a very reasonable price.

“Thank you John”.

Other types like milkwood and white stinkwood are also in the reckoning.

In practical terms it means:

  1. The run co-ordinator will obtain permission from the land owner to plant a tree where the land owner wants it.
  2. On the day of the run a tree will be planted and a stainless steel sign plate showing the date and details of the planting will be erected next to the tree.
  3. A photo of the owner, run co-ordinator and tree will be taken for the webpage and will be included in the newsletter.
  4. All the details including the GPS reference will be entered into the run logbook for the record.
  5. Every tree will be sponsored by a member (at present only R30 per tree).

The committee can only but express the hope that this practice will endure and outlast the club and hopefully spread to other clubs and/or institutions.

Code of Conduct

  • Be considerate and helpful to all.
  • Drive responsibly at all times.
  • Keep your vehicle mechanically sound.
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Adhere to laws and regulations.
  • Respect wildlife, plants and trees.
  • Obtain permission before entering private property and state land.
  • Prevent fires at all times.
  • Safeguard water supplies.
  • Leave all gates as found.
  • Respect the right of others to peace and solitude.
  • Keep to roads and tracks.

Know your own and your vehicles capabilities. Remember that your vehicle is not a missile to be aimed at Mother Nature, but a tool with which to discover it. We want future generations to commend us and not condemn us.

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